Alonso Tile Company

specializes in completing small and medium sized residential constructions, such as Fireplace Remodeling, Thin Brick Veneer Installation, Travertine Installation, Cultured Stone Installation, Pressure Washing,  Brick wall repair, Custom Stone Masonry, Grout and Tile repair, Brick Mailboxes and other residential projects for the  community.
Highest quality work guaranteed!

Welcome to one of  largest tile installation companies. Our business has been ongoing for the past twenty years serving the major areas from the all the way to . Our company is family owned from top to bottom, we try and maintain a family working relationship not only within but with our installation crews as well. We have crews that have been with us for more than 15 years which we consider integral parts of our team that make our work possible. Our crews have had immense amounts of reputable work throughout the years.

We have an extensive array of services which include ceramics, marbles, granites, and brick pavers. We provide you with the service of installation, maintenance, and warranty on such products. Our work includes but is not limited to condominiums, rental apartments, hotels, luxury highrises, townhomes, schools, showrooms, shopping malls, and restaurants. We have always had a wide variety of clients serving different needs in all ways. We are located in which allows us to grasp the center of all industrial work in

Our superior quality is achieved through our staff and our installation crews who make this possible. Our goal is to attain and maintain a competitve advantage in our industry. Our clients are our most important ingredient to our mission, with their repeat business and word of mouth we have been able to open opportunities and areas in our market.

We find that our biggest challenge is facing companies today with the same qualifications as our own, adding to the challenge our course is the nature of our business that requires companies to operate efficiently and at maximum potential if they are to succeed in this competitive environment.

Alonso Tile Company Alonso Tile Company



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